Teachers Gift Card

Give Teachers The Perfect Gift

Save 50% when you order Gift Cards for Teachers for Immersive Van Gogh Toronto. Gift Cards delivered by email – the perfect socially distanced teacher holiday gift. 

Educators deserve our support!

Follow these steps to get started:

Enter the teacher’s name (first and last if applicable) into the box called “Teachers Name” below. Please make sure to double-check the first part of your teacher’s email address. Some schools follow different rules on how the first part of the email address is formatted. Here is a guide below for the most popular schools.

School Board Format Example
Toronto District School Board
first name . last name @tdsb.on.ca
Toronto Catholic District School Board
first name . last name @tcdsb.org
York Region District School Board
first name . last name @yrdsb.ca
York Catholic District School Board
first name . last name @ycdsb.ca

2. Search for the school that the teacher you wish to send the gift card to belongs to. Either use the dropdown to locate the correct school, or search for the school in the box. 

3. After you have entered your teacher’s name and chosen the correct school from the list, click “Submit”.

4. On the next screen, choose the type of gift card you would like to gift. TAKE NOTE: The 50% discount has already been applied to all the gift cards. The prices displayed already reflect the 50% off. Prices include all taxes and fees.

5. Once you have chosen you desired gift card, add the gift card to your cart and click on “View cart” on the top of the page and continue the checkout process to pay for your 50% off teacher gift card.

6. Continue with the checkout process. The email address selected in step 1 will automatically be applied to the “Send as gift” email box on the checkout page. Please double-check the email address there to make sure it is correct before paying for your order.

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